White glove manufacturing services for your industrial, embedded, server, and networking needs.

Enoch Systems offers a complete suite of hardware engineering, design, manufacturing, order fulfillment, and logistic services for original equipment manufacturers (OEM), independent software vendors (ISV) and systems integrators (SI). Our project managers maintain close relationships with their customers and professionally manage every aspect of their project, utilizing state-of-the-art tools and manufacturing processes. Attention to supplier quality, customer build plans, and strict adherence to revision control help maintain excellent product quality.

Industry Service Programs

Let us help you build a product that’s best-suited for your specific business use.

  • Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM)

    Leverage Enoch Systems services and capabilities to rapidly deploy your product to the market. Our comprehensive OEM program has you covered from product conception to retirement.

  • Systems Integrators (SI)

    Product interoperability while maintaining maximum feature set are engineering challenges that can sometimes stall projects. Rely on Enoch Systems to creative innovative solutions that enable you to compete more effectively and efficiently.

  • Independent Software Vendors (ISV)

    Enoch Systems provides qualified custom hardware to deploy your applications on. We can help speed your time to market, provide full service logistics, as well as branded support and order processing services for your customers.

Our Services

Let us help you build a server architecture that’s best-suited for your specific business use.

  • Systems Engineering

    Your time is valuable, we offer free expert engineering services to help you find solutions to your project needs. Need help with a project? Call our engineers today.

  • Full Rack Deployment

    Take advantage of our free rack integration services. Let us fully rack, cable, and label your next server deployment. We can dropship directly to your customer or datacenter.

  • Branding and Private Labeling

    Put your brand out there! Our economical branding services will give you the professional stand out look that will sharpen your competitive edge.

  • Manufacturing

    Texas based manufacturing in our quality controlled facility designed for high-mix, high-volume custom manufacturing. We have incorporated cellular manufacturing techniques in order to increase production flexibility and productivity.

  • Inventory Management

    Our inventory management programs include a freight service designed to help free up your cash flow and reduce leadtimes. These services include consigned inventory, vendor-managed inventory, and third-party inventory management.

  • Warranty and Support

    Standard warranty coverage protects your investment and extended warranty options with advance replacement ensure fast turn around time. Our technical support staff is available 24/7 for phone and email support.

  • Order Fulfillment

    Drive your business growth while reducing your overhead. Enoch Systems can warehouse your finished product and fulfill your customer orders directly from our facility. Streamline order fulfillment needs by integrating directly into our ERP system using EDI or XML.

  • System Platforms

    Get a head start! Enoch Systems offers platforms from top-tier hardware manufacturers and industry leaders that can be used as the foundation for your solution.

  • Custom Development

    When off-the-shelf doesn’t work, Enoch Systems can help you with your custom development needs. We have experience with enclosures, boards, cables, touch screen, PCB, and heatsink development.

  • Agency and Environmental Certification

    Regulatory compliance certification can be confusing and costly. Rely on Enoch Systems to give you expert advice and guide you through the process, to prevent costly re-testing.

  • Software Services

    Our multitude of software services streamline your project needs and allow you to focus on your core competencies. We take care of the provisioning, management, and OS development of your software needs.

  • Logistics

    We can warehouse your final product and blind drop ship all over the world directly to your end user. Enoch Systems can take care of all your forward and reverse logistic needs.

  • Lifecycle Management

    Don’t get caught off guard when a critical component goes end-of-life. Enoch Systems will track and monitor the lifecycle of your bill of materials and notify you of components nearing end-of-life.

  • Direct Sale

    Leverage our infrastructure to get your product to market faster without increasing your overhead. Sell your product online using our online commerce platform. We can process your customer payments, manage and ship customer orders, manage inventory and handle fraud prevention.

Our Capabilities

Let us help you build a server architecture that’s best-suited for your specific business use.

  • Rapid Prototyping

    Time is money and the competition is not going to wait for you. Gain an advantage with Enoch Systems’ rapid prototyping services on new designs.

  • One-Off custom builds

    One and done, we understand how it is, not every project can be a huge volume run. Sometimes you need something custom to fit your application, but you only need one or a few. Enoch Systems can offer the same design and manufacturing services on one-off custom builds and small volume projects.

  • Mid-Volume Production

    Our mid-volume manufacturing facility employs a cellular manufacturing model in order to promote production flexibility, reduced labor costs and increased productivity.

  • High Volume Production

    With a dedicated high volume production facility that supports up to ten simultaneous or independent production lines, we can support volumes up to 25,000 units per month.

  • OEM Contract Manufacturing

    Let Enoch Systems build your box.
    Our manufacturing facility in Texas can rapidly scale to meet any low, medium, or high volume demand. Our production engineers and technicians are highly trained and are well versed in a variety of systems, from industrial computers to enterprise high performance computing systems; mobile embedded computing to display panel systems.

  • White Glove Manufacturing

    Or what we call concierge manufacturing. Your projects are immediately assigned a dedicated project management team to manage every detail of your project during the manufacturing process. If you have any special manufacturing requests, such as, but not limited to special testing procedures or data mining requests, we would be more than happy to accommodate.

  • BOM Management

    The devil is in the details and the details of your product are in the bill of material, or are they? We offer locked revision controlled Bill of Materials for all customers. Rely on Enoch Systems to deliver consistent product every-time.

Our Process

Let us help you build a server architecture that’s best-suited for your specific business use.

  • Discovery

    Our engineers and systems experts will research your requirements and work with you on the best solution to fit your requirements and budget. We will then present you with preliminary configurations, drawings, datasheets, or renderings of your solution for approval.

  • Proposal

    Once the design or designs have been approved your sales team will work on a formal proposal for the solution(s) that outline the specification, requirements, applicable standards, pricing schedule, deliverables, and lead times.

  • Customer Approval

    During this time we are in constant communication with you to assess the progress of the prototype that you are testing and evaluating. If there are improvements or changes to be made, we will rework or a redesign the prototype to satisfy the changes or improvements until you are satisfied with the prototype.

  • First article inspection

    Before mass production of the finalized solution, we will send you a first article of a production grade unit for your inspection and approval. This inspection is necessary in order to ensure that all design, software provisioning, and specification requirements are correctly understood, accounted for, and verified.

  • Supply Chain Management

    Whether is forward or reverse logistics, warehousing, vendor-managed inventory, shipment schedules, component scheduling, or blind drop shipping, Enoch Systems has the supply chain infrastructure and logistics services to accommodate any need you may have.

  • Design

    Our engineers and systems experts will research your requirements and work with you on the best solution to fit your requirements and budget. We will then present you with preliminary configurations, drawings, datasheets, or renderings of your solution for approval.

  • Prototype

    A prototype of the solution is built and tested to the specifications outlined in the proposal. The prototype is then sent to you for testing and evaluation.

  • Project Planning

    When the prototype is approved we then move onto the planning phase, where we lock the BOM and start writing the the manufacturing and testing documentation for your project. Based on your forecasts and schedules, we work with component manufacturers and suppliers to start allocating inventory and coordinate with our production team to deliver your orders on time.

  • Production

    Once the FAI is approved, our production team will release your project for mass production. We offer rapid scalability to meet your demand and proprietary manufacturing software that maintains accountability and quality control for every computer system we build.

  • Support

    You’re in good hands with Enoch Systems’ expert US based technical support. All systems are covered by our standard warranty, but extended warranty options are available. During this phase in addition to support deployed hardware we also manage the lifecycle of the units you have in the field.

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