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Systems Engineering

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Your time is valuable, we offer free expert engineering services to help you find solutions to your project needs. Need help with a project? Call our engineers today.

At Enoch Systems we are committed to solving our client’s project needs with economical solutions. We have the in-house expertise and track record to deliver an integrated best-in-class solution that is optimized for your software, application, and environment. Our holistic approach to engineering not only ensures that we deliver technology that meets your application requirements, but also meets the needs of your business.

Not only do you need the right solution, but you need a solution that makes sense for your business. You have budget restraints, tight time lines, key price points, demanding customers, internal entities to keep happy and internal costs to deal with. You need a product and a partner that can enable you and help you to win deals and lower costs. We understand these challenges and we can definitely help.

Our initial approach to engineering your system is to leverage commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) components. With COTS we can leverage mass production pricing, market availability, and standardized technology to accelerate your time to market and obviate custom development costs. Our vast product-line and industry partnerships give us access to virtually all COTS available on the market. When engineering your system we analyze the entire market for the most suitable components for your project. If we cannot find a COTS solution, it doesn’t exist…..yet.

If you have unique requirement that COTS solution cannot satisfy, we can engineer a modified COTS, semi-custom, or fully custom system that will work. Read more about our custom development engineering services here.

Examples of systems that we Engineer:

Engineering capabilities and services:

  1. Solution design based on standard platforms from industry leaders.
  2. Ground up custom designs that includes COTs and/or completely custom hardware.
  3. Full integration services that includes third-party software and hardware.
  4. Custom branding and private labeling
  5. Computer-aided design (CAD) services for custom parts, brackets, chassis, or bezels and faceplates.
  6. Active and fanless thermal solution design and testing.
  7. Electronic Computer-Aided Design (ECAD) services for custom printed circuit boards (PCB), IO boards, riser cards, system boards.
  8. Post-manufacturing services which include custom burn-in and diagnostic testing, power consumption measurement, acoustic testing, and benchmarking.
  9. I/O Port blocking.
  10. Customer provided software and proprietary hardware testing and validation.
  11. Custom BIOS and custom splash screen.
  12. Comprehensive image creation, management, revisioning, and deployment services.
  13. Custom branding of bezels, label, logos, documentation, chassis, and packaging.
  14. Product safety and compliance certification (i.e. UL, ETL, MET, CSA, FCC, CE, TUV, CB, WEEE, ROHS, etc).
  15. Product lifecycle management that keeps you apprised of near End-of-Life (EOL) components, last buys, and replacements.